Three Prominent Northfield Mount Hermon Alumni

Uma Thurman pic

Uma Thurman

As the head of capital markets with Laidlaw & Company, James “Jimmy” Ahern oversees the firm’s investment activities in the healthcare sector. Outside of his responsibilities with Laidlaw, James “Jim” Ahern is an active supporter of Northfield Mount Hermon (NMH) and serves as chair of the school’s Basketball Alumni Council for Excellence.

A Massachusetts-based co-ed boarding school, NMH offers over 60 athletic teams as well as a multitude of performing arts groups and student-led clubs. As such, the school has produced numerous professional athletes and actors. Below are three of the most prominent.

1. Uma Thurman – Known for films such as Pulp Fiction and Dangerous Liasons, Thurman is an Academy Award-nominated actress who had her first major role in the 1987 film Kiss Daddy Goodnight. She graduated from NMH the following year.

2. Laura Linney – A member of the graduating class of 1982, Linney is also an Academy Award-nominated actress. She is best known for her work in the films The Nanny Diaries and The Savages. Linney also earned a Golden Globe and Emmy for Best Actress in a Miniseries for her role in HBO’s John Adams.

3. Brian Strait – A National Hockey League (NHL) veteran of 187 regular season games, Strait graduated NMH in 2006 and spent three seasons at Boston University before turning pro in 2009. He was selected by the Pittsburgh Penguins in the third round of the 2006 NHL Draft, but has played the majority of his career with the New York Islanders.

Red Sox Acquire Addison Reed from New York Mets

Addison Reed pic

Addison Reed

An experienced financial executive, James “Jimmy” Ahern serves as head of capital markets at Laidlaw & Company, for which he raises money for and advises public and private health care companies. Beyond his professional responsibilities with Laidlaw, James Ahern is a passionate fan of Major League Baseball’s (MLB) Boston Red Sox.

Hoping to make the playoffs for the second consecutive season, the Red Sox bolstered its bullpen on July 31, MLB’s trade deadline day, by acquiring relief pitcher Addison Reed from the New York Mets in exchange for three pitching prospects. Reed, who is expected to become Boston’s eighth-inning setup man for closer Craig Kimbrel, first joined the Mets in the middle of the 2015 season. In nearly two years with the club, the 28 year old compiled a 2.09 earned run average (ERA) in 142 innings and saved 19 games while closer Jeurys Familia was injured.

Boston sent the Mets Gerson Bautista, Stephen Nogosek, and Jamie Callahan in the deal. All three were ranked among the Red Sox’ top 30 prospects by Bautista and Nogosek are still pitching in A-ball, while Callahan was most recently pitching for Boston’s Triple-A affiliate in Pawtucket.

The Big Brothers Big Sisters Mentor 2.0 Program

Big Brothers Big Sisters pic

Big Brothers Big Sisters

Experienced financial executive James Ahern specializes in biotechnology investments, life sciences investments, and early stage private capital for Laidlaw and Company, a health care investment bank. He serves as managing partner and head of capital markets at Laidlaw, raising capital and advising companies. In addition to his professional responsibilities, James “Jim” Ahern stays involved with the community and sits on the Board of Overseers for The Big Brothers Big Sisters of Massachusetts Bay.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Massachusetts Bay is a nonprofit organization that operates as a regional branch of the Big Brothers Big Sisters Foundation. Founded in 1949, the organization provides adult mentoring services to over 2,400 youth through adult volunteers known as Bigs. In addition to campus, school, and community-based programs, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Massachusetts Bay operates an online initiative known as Mentor 2.0.

Designed for high school students, the Mentor 2.0 program utilizes a web-based platform to host weekly communication sessions between students and their mentors. In person meetings are also held once a month through the program. Moreover, mentors are provided guided questions for discussion with the ultimate goal of helping students succeed academically and prepare to enter the workforce.

Three Tips for Dealing with Grill Flare Ups

Grill Flare Ups pic

Grill Flare Ups

Since 2010, James “Jim” Ahern has served as the head of capital markets and a managing director for the New York City-based health care investment bank Laidlaw & Company, where his efforts have helped the firm grow into a nationally recognized institution. Outside of his professional contributions to Laidlaw, James Ahern enjoys cooking and is particularly fond of grilling.

One of the biggest problems to look out for when grilling is a flare up, which occurs when fat drips down into the grill and causes the coals to flame and can burn your food. These three tips will help you prevent those dangerous and meal-ruining flare ups the next time you are grilling.

1. Trim the Fat – Since burning fat causes flare ups, an easy way to avoid them is to trim excess fat off your meat before cooking it. That said, fat helps give your meat its flavor, so leave enough to protect yourself from a bland meal.

2. Flip Less – Flipping your food too much could increase your risk of a flare up. Every time you flip you risk some of the meat’s fat dripping down and catching fire. Prevent this by flipping your food less frequently, using tongs instead of a fork.

3. Move the Meat – Sometimes flare-ups are practically unavoidable when cooking meats high in fat. If you cannot avoid them, the best thing to do is be ready for them. Keep a constant eye on your food while it is cooking and as soon as you notice a flare up, move your meat away from that portion of your grill. After a while, the fire will die down on its own, making that section of the grill safe to use again.

BBBS Holds First Ever Celebration of Mentoring Night


Big Brothers Big Sisters pic

Big Brothers Big Sisters

In his role as managing partner and head of capital markets at New York City-based Laidlaw & Company, James “Jimmy” Ahern has led the firm to strong growth in the health care investment sector. Active in his local community, one of the ways James “Jim” Ahern gives back is by serving on the board of overseers with Big Brothers Big Sisters (BBBS) of Massachusetts Bay when he isn’t working at Laidlaw.

Last January at Cape Cod Beer, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Massachusetts recently held its inaugural Celebration of Mentoring event. More than 100 mentors, BBBS advocates, and local leaders turned out to celebrate the occasion, which consisted of an evening of raffle drawings, dinner, and gaming.

The big winner on the night was Mary Marsters, whose raffle ticket was chosen in the grand prize drawing. She won tickets to attend a Boston Red Sox game and stay at the famous Hotel Commonwealth. Overall, the event was able to raise $1,200 in support of BBBS programs.

Bigs in Blue pic

BBBSMB Teams with Boston Police for Bigs in Blue Mentoring

Bigs in Blue pic

Bigs in Blue

Since 2010, James “Jim” Ahern Laidlaw has serves as managing partner and head of capital markets at Laidlaw & Company. To give back to his community, Jim Ahern Laidlaw is heavily involved with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Massachusetts Bay (BBBSMB).

Recently, BBBSMB announced a partnership with the Boston Police Department to launch a Bigs in Blue mentorship program. This program will connect young people from around the greater Boston area to current police officers. Ideally, this pairing results in a lasting relationship not just between the two individuals, but also between communities and law enforcement.

BBBSMB ultimately envisioned the program after witnessing the strained relationship that exists between current police officers and the communities in which they serve. Bigs in Blue aims to inspire greater trust in law enforcement among Boston youth and provide police officers with a different perspective of what living in the community is like.

The first Bigs in Blue Program launched with the Barnstable Police Department in December. The larger Big Brothers Big Sisters of America plans to raise $5 million to support the Massachusetts program and similar ones in other cities across the nation.

Isaiah Thomas pic

Isaiah Thomas: Boston Celtics Dynamic Point Guard

Isaiah Thomas pic

Isaiah Thomas

A graduate of the Northfield Mount Hermon School, James “Jimmy” Ahern has over a decade of experience in investment banking, including his current position as head of capital markets with Laidlaw & Company. When he’s not seeking out or advising early-stage healthcare companies for Laidlaw, James “Jim” Ahern enjoys following his favorite National Basketball Association (NBA) team, the Boston Celtics.

After missing the playoffs in the 2013-14 season, the Celtics quickly established themselves as a contending team in the NBA’s Eastern Conference. Boston went from a 25-win team in 2013-14 to a 40-win team the following year with the help of an improving core group of players and the acquisition of point guard Isaiah Thomas. The Celtics traded Marcus Thornton and a first round pick to the Phoenix Suns in exchange for Thomas, who was the 60th and final pick in the 2011 NBA draft. After the acquisition of Thomas on February 19, the Celtics went 20-11 down the stretch to make the playoffs.

Thomas, who is just 5-foot-9, has improved dramatically in each of the past few seasons and has been named to back-to-back Eastern Conference all-star teams. He averaged a career-high 22.2 points per game in 2015-16 and, in 2016-17, he has put himself into MVP consideration with a remarkable 29.9 points per game through the first half of the season.