Benefits and Uses of Biotechnology


James “Jim” Ahern possesses over a decade of experience as a financial executive in the investing industry, assuming roles such as vice president and managing director. Currently, James Ahern serves as managing partner and head of capital markets for New York-based Laidlaw and Company. At Laidlaw, he is involved in life sciences investment banking and biotechnology investment banking among other duties.

Defined as a form of technology based on biology, biotechnology has been used for many years for the production and preservation of food products such as dairy. Biotechnology, which employs processes at the cellular and bimolecular level, offers a range of benefits which include:

– Improving health outcomes by using the human genetic makeup to advance research and medicine.
– Improving the efficiency of global manufacturing and energy consumption, while also reducing waste and the reliance on petrochemicals.
– Improving crop outcomes to produce more food on a global scale, including production of biotech crops that meet specific needs and reducing the need for added chemicals and pesticides.