Therapix Biosciences – Synthetic Cannabinoids-Focused Startup


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Therapix Biosciences

An experienced New York executive, James Ahern engages with Laidlaw & Company as its managing partner and head of capital markets. In his role as an investment banker, James “Jimmy” Ahern focuses on the healthcare market, with invested companies including PhaseRx and Gemphire.

In March of 2017, Jimmy Ahern and his colleagues served as the sole book runner, or main underwriter, in guiding a common stock initial public offering for Therapix Biosciences that raised $13.8 million in capital participation. Headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel, Therapix Biosciences has developed dronabinol as a way of repurposing FDA-approved synthetic cannabinoids for therapeutic purposes involving new indications.

Current internal programs of Therapix Biosciences include a Phase 1 study of THX-ULD01, or BrainBright Pharma, in treating mild cognitive impairment, and a Phase 2b trial of THX-TS01, or Joint Pharma, for patients with Tourette’s syndrome.