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BBBSMB Teams with Boston Police for Bigs in Blue Mentoring

Bigs in Blue pic

Bigs in Blue

Since 2010, James “Jim” Ahern Laidlaw has serves as managing partner and head of capital markets at Laidlaw & Company. To give back to his community, Jim Ahern Laidlaw is heavily involved with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Massachusetts Bay (BBBSMB).

Recently, BBBSMB announced a partnership with the Boston Police Department to launch a Bigs in Blue mentorship program. This program will connect young people from around the greater Boston area to current police officers. Ideally, this pairing results in a lasting relationship not just between the two individuals, but also between communities and law enforcement.

BBBSMB ultimately envisioned the program after witnessing the strained relationship that exists between current police officers and the communities in which they serve. Bigs in Blue aims to inspire greater trust in law enforcement among Boston youth and provide police officers with a different perspective of what living in the community is like.

The first Bigs in Blue Program launched with the Barnstable Police Department in December. The larger Big Brothers Big Sisters of America plans to raise $5 million to support the Massachusetts program and similar ones in other cities across the nation.